Friday, September 21, 2007

"Chris is very sad...."

Chris is a dear friend of mine whom I also happen to work with part-time.

Chris has a myspace page, or as he calls it, "a tool of the devil".

The top of Chris' myspace page says "chris is very sad...."

The reason chris is very sad is a very intense one. See, chris has a sister, who he loves more than anything in the world. Chris said they used to share a bunk bed together when they were kids and she'd draw on his face with scented markers if he didn't get up on time.

Chris' sister is a great lady. She spent years working as an LVN and eventually started practicing to become an RN. She considered joining the military until she met her husband at church. She decided to change her mind and instead work together on a mission trip in Mexico to help build homes for families in the Nuevo Laredo area right across the border.

Eventually Hannah* and her husband built a life together, centered around the church and children. He had kids from a previous relationship, and she wanted a baby. They heard through a lady at their church that foster care children had it pretty bad, and there were plenty of unwanted kids out there who needed rehabilitation and help. Hannah and her husband called chris the night they were placed with a child, he was three years old and they had him until they could prove that they would be successfull and loving parents to the system. Last christmas Hannah brough their new child andrew to meet the family. Chris said that the reason andrew was placed with them is because he was starved and beaten by the foster woman he was placed with before. This made him a compulsive eater. At the dinner table, chris noticed that andrew refused to stop eating. At three years old, he would eat and eat and eat until throwing up all over the table and himself. The poor little guy didn't understand that he would never go hungry again. Although Hannah insisted day and night he would always have food, the binge eating went on over a year.

Andrew would get food out of the trash at all hours of the night. Hannah then had to zip tie the whole house, cabinets that contained anything that could be ingested, the refrigerator, and the garbage had to be taken outside. He would eventually chew through a ziptye, or just wonder outside and eat whatever was in the garbage. At barely four years old, he would eat so much that if hannah didn't wake up constantly and check on him, he would binge eat and then lay down in his bed nauscious. It wasn't common for him to have bowel movements all over his favorite sheets.

Hannah had a major surgery which led to to be bedridden. Having to constantly moniter their child was important, so her husband installed cameras in his room to watch him.

One night, andrew was caught on camera getting out of bed and leaving the room. When he came back, he laid down, and crapped the bed. Hannah woke up to screams of terror, and as he cried, she tried to calm him down and tell him everything was okay. She did what any mom who raised kids in texas would do on a hot summer night....she took him in the backyard and hosed him down. It wasn't like the alabama civil-rights kind of was a small green garden hose. She did this so she wouldn't clog the drain, and because the backdoor was right by his room. A long way and a carpet walk down the hall was the bathroom. I remember one time when I got into some fingerpaint my mom onced hosed me down in the yard. That's just what you do with messy, crap covered kids.

Other instances came about after this. After repeatedly sneaking out to save his poopy sheets from the garbage, hannah had to burn them. It was the only way. The next day she bought three more pairs of the same dinosaur sheets so that he wouldn't cry over the ones they had to destroy.

The last night hannah had little andrew, was the night he finished his dinner and demanded more. He had been a little sick recently from over eating at daycare (he would steal food from other kids) and his brothers and sisters were already off to bed. He kept trying to eat a spicy pepper mix that was on the table for hannahs husband. She took it away from andrew and handed him a chili-cup/bowl with a mixture of zattarans that had been microwaved. He ate it, loved it, and wanted more. As hannah was cleaning, he made his way in the kitchen and climbed on the counter. Andrew ate a shitload of spices in the cabinet. He couldn't stop. Hannah walked in on this and freaked out. As he clutched his stomach and cried she freaked out. He started having what looked to be convulsions. She tried giving him water to loosen up the spice and get him to throw up. Hannah and her husband knew there was a hospital right up the rode, a childrens hospital, and it took seven minutes to get there. As they ran in with andrew in their arms and explained the situation, the nurse blankly stared and explained that they couldn't do anything because the Doctor was on-call and the nurses didn't know CPR. That's right. Take that it. THE NURSES DIDNT KNOW CPR. Hannah did, and as she tried to revive her son, who had passed out, the nurses looked on and called the police. Andrew died a few minutes later.

Because she didn't go to the emergency room across the street (which they had had no luck at before when hannahs other son broke his leg, they waited six hours), she was charged with capitol murder.

Capitol murder in Texas brings one of two punishments, Death, or life in prison.

Chris loved that boy. "My favorite nephew", he would tell andrew. The worst part of the entire situation is the Media. They have printed completely false quotes, information, and the "spice" that gave andrew the toxic poisoning, has gone from chili powder, to paprika, to zattarans, to frozen chili, to salt/pepper, and in one article, an italian mix of basil and oregeno. Hannah has "admitted" to killing him in a few articles, she has "testified" to harming the boy in others, and in one article, she wasn't even the one who did it! It was her husband!!!! All of these articles have some inherent flaw, and because of the Corrupt nature of the Texas Foster Care system, it's easy to point the blame and entertain everyone with a tale of torture and abuse. BUT that simply isn't the case.

A good woman is going to die.
She knows exactly how.
One of two ways:
In prison. Alone. For a crime she didn't commit.
Or by lethal injection...

There is actually no evidence that hannah ever purposefully harmed the child. Her so called "confession" never happened, but the gag order the judge put the entire family under until last tuesday, prevented her from clearing her name. The family is considering their options as far as libel and slander...but right now their main focus is getting hannah free.

this article:,1641,CCCT_811_5066751,00.html

contains one of the many fabrications posted in the corpus christi caller times.

the whole family is crushed and there is little they can do.

This will be the first time in Texas that someone could possibly die for "ommition"...Ommition to take the boy to the emergency room, instead of the childrens hospital.

That is why....chris is very sad.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Que Pa So?

I just wanted to give a shout out to professor Saego and my new Government class. Howdy Ya'll. Posts to follow soon. God I hope I did this right.