Friday, October 19, 2007

Goodbye house....there's a new party on the loose...

So a man named Tim Cox, who used to work for DELL, decided recently to begin a revolution...

This is the article in which he talks about getting rid of the house of representatives because he's sick and tired of special interest groups funding corrupt politicians to do their bidding.

Basically, one man decided to risk everything... (his job, life, sanity i'm sure...) to live the dream of a working-man party.

We (the average Americans) have the opportunity to send mr. Cox one hundred dollars of our money, and fill out an online questionnaire. We then have the option of grouping together with other anti-house hopefuls to pick out leaders. These leaders will represent us and work their way up to getting on the ballots come November 08. This sure does sound like the system we already have in place....except instead of interest groups controlling the financing...a mildly psycho guy with a dream of leading a revolution get's to distribute wealth he calls "donations"...which are actually 100 dollar fee's. By the way, no rich white men, or lawyers, are allowed to hold candidacy.

Okay...this man is incredible. It's wonderful that he's making an effort...and kudos for putting the idea out there...but we live in a money-fueled, politically corrupt, interest only system where rich people rule and normal people get to bite the bullet. But....I'd rather live here with a couple of flaws than in Russia or Palestine. Wouldn't you agree? I think that it's also a bit hypocritical to assume that just because someone is rich they are going to heed to interest groups. There are, believe it or not, successfull politicians out there who aren't corrupt, and why not use all this energy on working with what we already have?

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