Friday, November 2, 2007

New insurance laws in Texas for 2007...

So I was driving down Anderson Mill recently, (in Williamson County), which is notorious for having strict penalties for blowing ones' nose [sic], and of course I was pulled over. I was definitely not speeding, so I wondered what on earth it could be.

Apparently my car had too many stickers blocking the back window. Are you kidding me? I was told that there are specific laws that involve keeping a stable view in your rear window. The thing is, I only have about six old stickers on my back window...and one has a cop joke on it.

So i'm feeling really smart about this point. Then the policia asks for my insurance. I hand him my Liability card, which is through a company called Santa Fe Auto. This is just the name of the insurance company mind you, it is actually based in Texas, in Laredo to be specific. The cop questioned the company and said he would have to look it up. Now although I have insurance, apparently they have a system now where they can dispatch someone to call up your insurance carrier. At eight in the evening, mine was closed. Because the police officer couldn't verify my insurance carrier by phone, I was then taken in, and my car was towed. A friend had to come pick me up and the next day I saw a magistrate, where they dismissed my charge (failure to provide **VALID** insurance), and I was given a list of new insurance laws in Texas. I was disgusted when the judge said my car was impounded and I would STILL HAVE TO PAY to get it out. Although I did have insurance, because it could not be verified, I had to pay 175 dollars. It was a valid insurance card too! So I did some research, and here's what I could find:


...The first link applies predominantly to how these new laws affect insurance carriers, with ample information on specific rules and regulations. The second link is important, it's pretty vital info on what to expect in EARLY 2008. It states that there will be a vehicle insurance data verification system implemented sometime in 2008, so what's going on now?

I've never had such a problem in Travis county...and In Denton county, there's merely a warning.

The state needs to get organized. Every county has it's own reputation for harsh or easy penalties, but it seems like some are breaking their own laws. What do you think?

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Elyssa Gonzales said...

Actually, if you can show proof that you have insurance within 10 days of the issued ticket, you only have to pay a small fee. Around $10, I believe.