Thursday, November 15, 2007

Border Watch Blasphemy....

Upon reading the article of my colleague located at this link:

....I was enraged.

The Border Watch organization situation was an extremely interesting situation to comment on and it certainly made me consider how important it is to picket properly.

As I commented to her, (the author), it is dispicable how a group can claim to be so very American, yet chooses to protest people attempting to find work in any way possible. They are standing by the road down to their last options. Whether they are legal or not, they are human beings and embarrassing a few people in a group making efforts to get by, does nothing to further the Border Watch Organizations cause. What would be American is if these people focused on picketing at a courthouse, writing representatives, and voting. If they spend more time educating themselves and practicing their own so called "reglious values", perhaps the cause would go beyond dirty racist mudslinging between two cultures.

They commentary went on to point out the Religious aspects of the picketing signs....these imply an "anti-God" message on behalf of illegal immigrants, which is proposterous.

Jackie Marie also makes a great observation regarding the abrassive nature in their military styel approach. This makes the group seem more like a militia and less like a legitimate group of people concerned about a freedom being hindered in some way.

Great job. Interesting article.

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